European Union Competitiveness Council

Committee Description

European Union Competitiveness Council aims to improve the conditions of competitiveness and to increase the rate of economic growth within the European Union. Council is conducting its duties in 4 areas of policy including internal market, industry, research and innovation, and space. Council gathers at the level of ministries at least 4 times in year. Ministries that attend the official meetings of the council depend on the agenda items. Moreover, Competitiveness Council acts as a policy-maker body of the EU within the regulatory framework of the Union and it serves as branch of the Council of the European Union.

Agenda Item: Regulation of Private Technology Companies in accordance with Eu Anti-Trust Laws

Under-Secretary General: Tolga Yeşil

Assistant: Yiğit Büyükmurat

Committee Board Members:

Batuhan Gürsoy

Süha Ayvaz

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