Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

  • (Human Dimension Committee)
Committee Description

Freedom of the Press

The OSCE was originally found under the name ”Conference on Security and Co-Operation in Europe” in 1975, with the aim of improving relations with the Eastern Bloc of the time as well as the betterment of humanitarian conditions. Following the fall of the Soviet Union, the OSCE went through a series of changes, including diverting more focus on values that make up a sustainable democracy. The OSCE Human Dimension Committee is tasked with the promotion of democratic principles by ensuring fair elections, monitoring and upholding human rights, promoting tolerance and strengthening media freedom.

There are various treaties and organizations all over the world which aim to protect press freedom, but turning these into reality is a problem that still remains. There has been a constant decrease in the quality of media freedom in the last several years, and most of the international organizations that we rely on have failed to address it properly, resulting in the lowest point of freedom of information and in a decade. Countless journalists, cameramen and photographers have been threatened, sued, kidnapped or even killed, just this year, all over the world. If immediate action is not taken, it is safe to say that what we call freedom of press will be a distant memory in the near future. Will you stand up for those who help sustain democracy by shedding light on corruption, discrimination and human rights? Or will you stand idly as you watch what remains of freedom of information and the press cease to exist in an Orwellian future?

Agend Item: Media Freedom

Under-Secretary General: Sidar Aslanoğlu

Academic Assistant: Kadir Köylü

Committee Board Members:

Zeynep Esendemir

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