Organization of Islamic Cooperation

  • (OIC)
Committee Description

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation which has participated with the United Nations and European Union was established in 1969 to maintain the peace and address the issues of concern to its 57 member states and Muslims all around the world. Nevertheless, they represent themselves "the collective voice of the Muslim world," while being the second largest intergovernmental organisation after the United Nations.

From 2005, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (referred as OIC) adopted a ten-year plan to focus on issues such as terrorism, Islamaphobia, poor governance, economic and social inequality, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, human rights (specifically LGBT rights) and disputes in the zones of India and Thailand. Besides, within the fields of science, technology, uphold international security and advanced education; the charter aims to preserve Islamic values of its society.

The prominent functions of the charter include strengthening and safeguarding the harmony and solidarity of nations with no disruption of national or international integrity

Agenda Item: Encouragement of Islamic holy sites in the form of Muslim solidarity

Under-Secretary General: Selen Sözen

Academic Assistant: Bora Gedikli

Committee Board Members:

Onat Yiğit

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