Most distinguished participants and respectable guests,

It is an honor for us to welcome you all to the first session of TED University Model United Nations in Ankara. As a brief explanation of myself, my name is Derin Eryılmaz and I am studying Industrial Engineering as a 3rd grade in TED University. My MUN journey started with Disarmament and Security committee and I followed a respectable path through Disec committees in various conferences. This year, I was the president of the TED University Model United Nations Club board and it was an utmost pleasure for me to be a part of the team making our dream come true. Also, it was an honor for me to serve all the participants as the Secretary-General of TEDUMUN 2019. With the participants from Turkey and other nations, we will create an environment with possibilities of addressing today’s and tomorrow’s issues including the solutions.

The first edition of TEDUMUN will focus on permanent solutions to prioritized problems of the world within the simulations of five different committees; United Nations Security Council, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe Human Dimension Committee, European Union Competitiveness Council, Joint Crisis Committee on John F. Kennedy Cabinet vs. Nikita Khrushchev Cabinet and Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.

The secretariat of TEDUMUN 2019 proved to be the best on their selected topics with their marvelous efforts while preparing this unique academic experience. Before the professional relationships between academic team, the main reason why this academical experience will be different for you is, knowledge and experience are just the complimentary facts near the strong friendship bonds between the team.

TEDUMUN 2019 will take place in TED University from 2nd and 5th of May 2019. We are looking forward to meet you in beginning of May and cannot wait to share the excitement of our conference. As Secretary-General of TEDUMUN 2019, I am sure that your preparedness, detailed position papers and unique ideas will enlighten the darkness on today and tomorrow.

On behalf of our organization and academic team, it is an utmost pleasure for me to invite all of you to first session of TEDUMUN 2019.

Warmest Regards,


Secretary-General of TEDUMUN 2019